August 5, 2021


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This positive thinker is well known by the name of “Abooki Sarah Birungi”. Please carefully read her message, then fill in your contact information in the comment section and respond to her question. You may have a suggestion or any other insight that could complement or enhance what she just said. There you go:

Abooki Sarah Birungi

“Hello and good evening to all the dwellers of the planet, especially to my Bahema comrades and families in general.
I am here today to ask you all a quick general question.
What is preventing us from uniting as a people to resist this genocide in our beloved province of Ituri and its surroundings?
I also know that everyone has seen these pictures and photos of our fellow Bahema members killed for no reason and that the government is not providing protection for our people.
Most people have fled to refugee camps, and other people are still trying to protect their livelihoods, but it is dangerous for them.
I believe we have respected leaders and community elders in Bahema who can ask all of us to contribute or participate in the organization to help end this insurgency.
Unity is the key here, and everyone must forget any differences that have arisen between us just because of these desperate times. I believe there are many of us in different countries of the world, having parents or thinking about where they grew up and can’t just stop wishing to hear there is peace at home. Home is where everyone is found.
There is a dictum that says that you should never forget where you come from and that once you forget, you can forget your culture or the purpose of belonging. Just quoted.
I request everyone to increase the awareness of the world and especially all the news media so that they can spread this insurgency to the whole world. The UN peacekeeping unit, which I believe is there to protect the innocent, and I would have thought that the government, the military, and the leaders elected to represent this region as MPs or the province would do something. They know what is happening every day and yet they have decided to let it happen.
I don’t see why I or we should have to wake up in the morning to look at these horrendous images and the horrific images of our people.
This has been going on for the last few years, but since 2017, this genocide has intensified without any broadcast on the international media platform like Al Jazeera, the BBC, and many other stations. I wonder why.
I am not going to sit here and remain silent, but I will use all available platforms to make this genocide known to everyone and ask everyone to join me in the fight for peace and freedom for the Bahema people. As we are human beings with a purpose and a cause in the eastern region of Congo. That is why Almighty God has placed us in this region.
Nevertheless, unity is the key that binds us all together. Please listen to my voice and my appeal.

Always a Muhema
Aboki Sarah Birungi

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