June 14, 2021


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Ituri: A prominent witness draws a bleak assessment of the insecurity caused by CODECO and FPIC since 2017

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David Bagabu/WhPP

The province of Ituri is in the grip of insecurity engineered by militia elements of both Codeco, tchini ya kilima, ADF, mai mai and other armed groups active in this province.

On the day of April 1, 2021, a notable Hema came out of his silence to draw up a dark report of Hema subjects killed by these militiamen since December 2017 alongside a huge number of looted animals belonging to these people who, according to him, are imposed to the mutilation of corpses, rape of women, forced relocation from their respective environment to mention only these.

David Bagabu notes, in a statement of which we have a copy, that more than 7,000 Hema have been killed since 2017 by these armed groups and that about 550,000 souls of the Hema population forced to leave their natural living environment to go and live in more than 60 camps for the displaced, including 3 erected in the city of Bunia, capital of the province of Ituri.

He also alludes to the misery that pushes displaced children to go begging for at least 2 years in the various streets with the phenomenon “letiya miye 100fc” on the one hand and to be subjected to heavy and / or unhealthy work for modest remuneration.

“Since December 16, 2017, the Hema people have recorded over 7,400 fatalities. These people are killed by Codeco and FPIC militiamen known as tchini ya kilima. Their operating mode is not different from terrorism because they attack villages and certain public places such as the market during the day and at night to kill as many people as possible. Sometimes they are armed with bladed weapons (axe, machetes, arrows, spears, etc.) and with firearms. Certain human organs are cut out by these militiamen, including the sex and head of men and the breasts of women. Pregnant women are disemboweled and fetuses are removed and then destroyed,” wrote this prominent member of the Hema community, who asserts that to remain silent over these tragedies is only to sacrifice the Hema community.

“Suspending commercial activities and calling for dead city days are crucial,” concludes David Bagabu Magara.

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