September 22, 2023


Hemapress page is going to serve us as a mean to publish genuine news from all over the world. This news to be published is going to go through deep authenticity verification before being validated and published.

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  Have you ever realized something?  Everyone has their own father, mother, brother sister, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather and anyone cannot wish any of these loved ones hurt in anyway?  Do you know that everyone that you see passing in front of you is very dear to people that you do not know about? They could be at the same time father, son, brother and grandfather or mother, sister, grandmother and daughter to people in their life regardless to which tribe or ethnic group they come from.   Why would you wish to kill? Why would you kill? Why would you do something which you do not want to be done unto you? Why being so fool and heartless? Why being against love, peace, development, positive progress?
Why can’t you just turn your back, forgive, re-love, enjoy the freedom and peace until your grand children could be inspired to do as you did.

Our vision

Our vision is to see ourselves as a community of United people for great development growth, strong mentally, intellectually and economically. Our dream is to have a united community of hardworking people who have a strong desire to learn from each other and to live like a family, build each other, sharing love, goals, dreams and passion … ready to do anything right and ethical to meet the social, economical, cultural and intellectual need of our community to inspire and touch the communities around us.


Can I join hema community

Yes you can join the community and get to be member as long as you are interested in volunteering faithfully with us, mostly ready to take charge and responsibility of given tasks.

Doest hema community have an office

We currently have a virtual office, and host all our meetings online. Whenever we need to make decisions about certain things, we plan on how to physically and discuss issues and have them solved. (Office is just a mindset). We are as well thinking of putting one, but that will have to be done after a number of agreements inside Ente committee.

do you have any ongoing project

Yes we do, we have so many projects under active implementation. About the launching day or time will depend on the project. Contact us for more information.

Why hema community and not ente?

Ente is an association dwelling inside the Hema community. Ente is the leading committee of elders from the hema community. In short is an association that leads the hema community. In short, the president of Ente is the president of the Hema community.

Can I be part of any of a project

Yes you can, you will need to tell us your area of expertise then we shall get you a department and at least a project if there is one.

Why online?

We are here to display our cultures, lifestyles and different moral values based on which building block of life we want to touch.  But we shall be here focusing on promoting love, peace and the cultural and humanitarian development projects in the interest of Hema community and the communities around us.



Bunia Town/ Lumumba av.
Eastern DRC

Active hours

7:00 AM-5:00PM
Monday -Saturday

Contact us

+243993372633/ +12045907185


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news publishing

We shall be collecting authentic news from all over the world. We are about to deploy our professional journalists to every corner of the world.


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