August 5, 2021


Hemapress page is going to serve us as a mean to publish genuine news from all over the world. This news to be published is going to go through deep authenticity verification before being validated and published.

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Why here?

We want to legally and officially solve our problem with the communities around us, forgive, love back and have a new beginning, but we cannot do that when we are still in disunity.In this particular page we shall be blog-posting and publishing news and republishing the most accurate and authentic world news. Besides that we shall be sharing any idea which may be helpful for our life as a community.

Our vision is to see ourselves as a community of United people for great development growth, strong mentally, intellectually and economically. Our dream is to have a united community of hardworking people who have a strong desire to learn from each other and to live like a family, build each other, sharing love, goals, dreams and passion … ready to do anything right and ethical to meet the social, economical, cultural and intellectual need of our community to inspire and touch the communities around us.


Why hemaPress?

One of our most important reasons of implementing this project prototype is to promote genuine love and peace among our people first then build a strong relationship with the people of other communities around us.

We love people, we love the community, above all .. we love peace, we want to share with you, connect with you and speak our heart for a better tomorrow. ” The more you keep the truth untold, the more damage you cause”. We want to keep you up to date with the accurate and authentic news, unlike some of the other sources around us. For decades, we have  been misunderstood just because the news have been manipulated between the writers and the publishers based on some particular selfish political interests and personal goals. The media has kept a lot of truth untold to the world especially about Ituri and the Hema community. Whenever there is something concerning Hema people, the information or news will have to be twisted at some ends. 

In Hemapress we shall be publishing  attested and scrupulous news. Do not misunderstand us again for a political party, group or association, We are simply a community, and we want to speak our heart whenever it is affected in one or the other way.  


Our errand is to progressively build a new Era of people who will be successful, loving, caring and generous.   In Hemapress, we shall be publishing news from all over the world while prioritizing them based on what concerns us. 

Thank you very much for paying us a special visit, we really appreciate your kindness and generosity. You can view the following pages if you haven’t already seen them on our main home page.